WOCAS - The Heartbeat of Customer Obsession

"Eliminate defects and confusion so that there is no need at all for customers to contact the company for information or help.
This is what we call The Best Service Is No Service."
(Bill Price & David Jaffe "The Best Service Is No Service")

Customer Obsession ?

In a fast-changing world it is important to listen to your customers' needs. Customer Experience is the most important element for sustainable success on the market.

We support you in turning your company into customer-centric powerhouses.

Our Inspiration

The book “The Best Service is No Service" written by Bill Price and David Jaffe is our inspiration. They describe in detail how to analyze the root causes of service contacts, increase customer satisfaction and cut costs. Based on best practices of Amazon.com it provides a comprehensive framework for a successful implementation. WOCAS® helps you to implement these best practices into your company.