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Make your customer service to the engine of transformation

1. Generate relevant contact insights

WOCAS supports employees in capturing exactly the information about the customer situation that is really needed to understand the actual root cause of a contact.

Depending on the occasion, these can vary greatly. WOCAS is therefore flexibly structured to correspond specific requirements.

2. Always keep an eye on everything

With WOCAS, you get an accurate picture of the contact structure, both globally and in depth. Which customer intents are e.g. suitable for automation and which reflect actual errors and should be eliminated causally?

Over time, you track the success of your measures and continuously drive the transformation forward.

3. Empower employees and collect ideas

WOCAS is the mouthpiece of employees with direct customer contact. They transport the exact issues that customers are struggling with into the company without any detours.

In doing so, they also indicate how often the problem occurs and how customers react when encountering them.

4. Discover the most critical topics

Colleagues and management exchange information on the most important topics interactively and in a structured way, and responsibilities are clearly defined.

One click, and all relevant colleagues get notified to evaluate the topics you want to learn more about. Details are quickly clarified and the prioritization is super-easy!

cx reporting

5. Get going and celebrate achievements

Ideas become measures. Solution teams tackle issues and report their progress for everyone to see.

Each employee can track what is happening and watch how their initial ideas turn into great improvements that make customers happy!

Sounds good?

That was just the beginning! Our app is powerful. We can configure many features to exactly suit the individual needs of your organization. We are looking forward to hear about your challenges and explore how we might help!