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Voice of Customer

What does Voice of Customer mean?

Voice of Customer (abbr. VoC) is a term of the business world and stands for “voice of the customer”. From a company’s point of view, it refers to any information about customer needs, customer requirements and customer perceptions regarding the own products and services.

In a broader sense, Voice of Customer means the process of collecting the abovementioned information.

Why Voice of Customer?

Companies usually use VoC programs to develop a better understanding of their customers and to get a 360° view of them. Where customer centricity is part of the strategy, it is essential to know as much as possible about customers and their needs. Furthermore, improving customer satisfaction or customer segmentation are also common goals and reasons for dealing with VoC.


What is Voice of Customer Data?

One could assume that the “voice of the customer” is limited to audio recordings. However, this is not at all the case: Voice of customer data can be of any kind as long as it reveals something about customer’s needs.

Basically, there is two types of VoC data:

The direct Voice of Customer that is captured via:

  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • NPS-Surveys
  • etc.

The indirect Voice of Customer that is derived from:

How to collect Voice of Customer Data?

Various methods can be used to collect customer information. For direct VoC, classical methods for customer surveys and the common survey tools are used. For indirect VoC, some options are web monitoring tools, VoE tools or speech analytics software. Additionally, special VoC tools can be used to combine and evaluate data from several channels. Some companies even have their own VoC team responsible for Voice of Customer Analytics and data collection.

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