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Frontline Empowerment

You have no chance to foresee every CX flaw your customers will trip over. But a perfect service experience turns lemons into lemonade!

Imagine you are a cashier at the supermarket and suddenly the scanner refuses to recognize one item. How do you react?

The answer is not so simple.
What would be the best solution for the customer? And for the company? And for the employee? Or do we need a compromise? And what about the people waiting in line?

This little brain teaser shows that your employees – whether at the checkout or in the call center – sometimes have to face very tricky decisions. As soon as something doesn’t go according to plan, it is in their hands how the customer experience in the “moment of truth” is turning out.

Your employees need to know the recipe for customer satisfaction. And they need all the ingredients and tools!

  • Together with your employees we practice to walk in the customers’ shoes
  • Your employees will stop handling cases and start serving customers. They will stop treating problems and start solving issues at the root.
  • We make sure your teams have everything they need to find the best solutions for customers under any circumstances
  • We connect your organization in a way that known customer problems are eliminated exactly where they are created
  • Your teams practice with us until customer language no longer feels like a foreign language

Looking forward to meet you!