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Here are the answers to the most common questions on WOCAS®.

What makes WOCAS® different from my CRM-System?

In CRM-Systems, problem descriptions are typically related to individual cases. Because of the urgency to solve the cases, they are documented only in so far that the processing of the case can be carried out quickly. WOCAS® however aims to tackle recurring issues, that affect many customers. Therefore, you collect information in way more detail than in your CRM-System.

WOCAS® is usually implemented in addition to an existing CRM-System. A technical integration is not necessary since WOCAS® is independent from the existing systems.

Which members of the staff can use WOCAS®?

Basically, everyone having to do with customers can contribute. This typically applies for

  • all members of your inbound service areas like customer care, call center, customer service, hotline or helpdesk
  • employees from sales, technical field service, stores and shops that have daily customer contact and gather valuable feedback
  • external partners like service providers, distributors, agents or agencies that have direct contact to your customers

How much time will it take my staff to record the information in WOCAS®?

Time is a very common concern when it comes to our solution, but there is really no need to be concerned: To get great results, it is perfectly adequate to use WOCAS® only in a small but representative group of selected employees (usually about 10-15 people). Therefore, the performance of your customer service will hardly be affected!

How fast can I start with WOCAS® in my company?

From a technical perspective, the application is ready to use within 1-2 working days. You access it via web browser without any installations. The basic configurations will be done within few hours.

After that, you should reserve about 2-3 months for onboarding until all involved people are trained and the process is fully running.

What languages is WOCAS® available in?

At the moment we have an English, a German, a French and a Czech version of the software. Apart from that, a lot of elements in the software’s user interface are adaptable to any language you wish to work with!

What if my customer care is done by an external service provider?

That’s no problem at all! The web-based architecture of WOCAS® makes its usage completely independent from organization boundaries. It is easy to display even complex scenarios with multiple service providers. WOCAS® has a flexible way to show the structure and ensures smooth communication in real-time.

How is WOCAS® technically provided?

WOCAS® is provided as an APS-application (Application Service Provider). This means, we take care of all the technical stuff (application, database, server…) so you can fully concentrate on solving customers’ issues. The application runs on servers that we host and maintain ourselves. You access the application with a secure internet connection via your web browser.

What about data protection?

Your data is completely safe in WOCAS® – only you and your users can access the data in the system. The user administration allows you to determine who gets access to the application and which individual rights every user should get.

Your question is not answered here?

No problem! Just drop us a line – we are more than happy to help!