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Can’t get no satisfaction – what song best describes your customer service?

Yes, this is goofy. And yes, you should totally waste your time reading it. It might not be the first article about benchmarking your customer service, but it will definitely be the most entertaining one – promise! We just thought, instead of juggling complicated metrics and KPIs again, why don’t we spice it all up with a little music? Here we go!

The following five songs describe typical stages of customer service. See where you rank!

Stage 1: They Don’t Care About Us (Michael Jackson)

When at this stage, you should be seriously concerned because your customer service is either exceptionally poor or even inexistent. Not exactly a very good idea!


Stage 2: Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen)

Here we see a tiny improvement, since you finally stopped hiding your contact information and give your customers a chance to call you. Maybe someone even answers the phone – way to go!


Stage 3: Can’t Get No Satisfaction (Rolling Stones)

At this stage, you have a sound customer service which however does not perform very well. There is obviously a good will to create customer satisfaction. A lot is still to be done, but at least you try.


Stage 4: Whenever, Wherever (Shakira)

Wow – now you are really living the omnichannel service approach! Customers can contact you 24/7 on any channel they can think of. Wherever the customer is – you are near. Good move!


Stage 5: Nothing Else Matters (Metallica)

Very few businesses ever reach the Metallica-stage of service.

This does not surprise since this kind of service needs to be much more from the heart. You need to be madly devoted to whatever your customers’ demands might be. They are strategically in the center of every decision you make. At stage 5 you finally understood, what matters most – congrats!

Now, could you relate to one of the stages? Or do you think an important stage or song is missing? Maybe “Hallelujah” as stage 6? Well, don’t forget to be social – your friends and colleagues deserve a good laugh, too!

5. February 2019

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