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Customer Journey Design

When your customers get lost, they don’t need better signposts. Get rid of the maze!

customer journey

Customer Journey – doesnt’ everybody do that?


But we do it differently! We take a look at your customers’ journeys and map exactly where along the way customer contacts occur.
This gives us a unique view of how many of your customers fail at which step and where you should start taking measures.

Do you know connect-the-dots?

You connect dots in a specific order and lwait to be surprised by what turns out in the end. We are doing the same with all the Pain Points along the journey of your customers.

And you’ll be surprised, too! Just like your customers who trip over each point.

What comes next?

Good question! We don’t know what your Customer Journey looks like, yet. Only after we mapped everything, we can decide on the best way to proceed.

Maybe we discover that many Pain Points are caused by incomprehensible writing. Then we can improve them to meka them fit the context better.
Or we might notice that a certain process (e.g. registration) does not work very well. We could build a Journey Team to take care of this exact part.
Often companies in the same industry are facing very similar problems. This means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We’ll glady show you best practices and show you what you can learn from others.

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