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Contact Reduction

Customer contacts are usually not fan mail. They are an indication of defects and self-made issues, which you can easily turn off.

value irritant matrix

Should they stay or should they go?

Customer contacts are not all the same. That is why we take a close look at your contact structure and see what we find there:

What can you easily shift to digital channels?
Which contacts should be eliminated?
Where can you make it easier for customers?
What should your employees have more time for?

The big clean-up after the contact analysis

We systematically get to the bottom of your contact structure in order to deeply understand which measures will really help you. For example, we often detect a lack of self service usage among customers. The exciting thing then is to find out what the exact reasons are:

self service analysis

And Action!

The analysis alone doesn’t make a single customer happy. The critical task is to draw the right conclusions and  transform the findings into measurable improvements fast. And of course we will help you with this – very individually, just as you need it.

Looking forward to meet you!