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WOCAS is short for “What Our Customers Are Saying”

This reflects our persistent focus on the customers’ perspective and the Voice of Customer in all we do. We want to drive insights that put authentic customer experiences at the heart of every business decision.

Our passion 

Effortless & digital experiences that customers love

Our Mission

Help organizations to adapt quickly to what their customers are saying

Secret Sauce

Activate the frontline staff. They know all the issues. And deserve change

dialogues captured
recurring issues identified

These are some of our clients

Founded as a spinoff from AdScopum, the leading German customer experience consultancy, we began our client operations in 2014. WOCAS® has transformed customer experience and support operations in Telecom, Insurance, Utilities, and Ecommerce for several billion-dollar companies.

Our Vision: “A world where the customer’s experience is the heartbeat of every organization.“

Our philosophy

Today, markets will be won or lost how well or how fast organizations respond to their customer’s needs. If organizations are not “customer obsessed” they will fail. Only by implementing customer-centric processes, technology and driving changes at a cultural level, will businesses thrive.

We strongly believe that customer service is an essential element within this development. Assuring customer satisfaction is critical to stay competitive in times of transparent markets and infinite choices. Therefore, with our software and professional services we help organizations to create outstanding customer experiences, to get to the root of customers’ problems and to create smart self-service capabilities.

Our Inspiration

“The best service is no service” is a groundbreaking book written by our international partners Bill Price and David Jaffe. Shortly after its publication it quickly ranked among the best-selling specialist books about service at amazon. The authors state that customer service is just then most perfect when the customer does not need to contact you in the first place.

To reach this state there are seven simple rules to follow:

  • Eliminate dumb contacts
  • Create engaging self-service
  • Be proactive
  • Make it easy to contact your company
  • Own the actions across the company
  • Listen and act
  • Deliver great service experiences

WOCAS® is the key tool to put these rules into practice!

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