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kirsten wittemann

Kirsten Wittemann

Project Manager for strategic projects and business development,
R+V Service Center

“We are convinced of the WOCAS methodology and the concrete insights it delivers every time. After very short time we get the numbers for assumptions and gut feelings which allow us to work on the most urgent pains of customers – which are equally our pains.”


Alexander Niemeyer

Bereichsleiter Banken-Kredit,

“The project team did an excellent job. We have now gained a deep understanding of our problem areas on the basis of very good data and can directly start with the implementation.”


Gabriela Straser

Director Account and Risk Management,
Vodafone GmbH

“WOCAS keeps reminding us of the customer’s perspective. The relevant insights enable us to concentrate on the right actions.”


André Reichert

Project & Process Management,
Vodafone GmbH

“The WOCAS Managed Service constantly provides us with new insights in a clarity no other source is capable of. WOCAS helps us to quickly identify emerging issues and derive targeted measures to improve our processes.”

andrea karst

Andrea Karst

Managing Director,
GKC Gothaer Kunden Service-Center GmbH

“We enjoyed a very sound and professional cooperation with WOCAS as they showed high methodical expertise in understanding customers’ concerns and Customer Experience Concepts. Their quick familiarization with insurance matters and the Gothaer-specific positioning lead to a very positive perception. The constructive support and increased presence in committee work was excellent. Guarantee for success were not only the involvement and participatory convincing of our employees for the idea and the project goal, but also the fast and on-schedule execution and the consistent status communication. Therefore, thanks to the WOCAS-team on site for the professional project realization, also for not being afraid to bring up “painful subjects” and point out our partly self-induced contact drivers to us. For us it was a wholly successful and promising cooperation!”

Project Reports

Founded in 2005, “energy discounter“ eprimo is a well-known supplier for energy and gas in Germany. Focusing on price-conscious customers, the company attaches great importance to lean processes and excellent quality in customer service. Eprimo’s brand promise speaks for itself: „More customer. Less costs.”

The cooperation with WOCAS started in autumn 2016 with a Contact Analysis over a period of several weeks. The analysis of service contacts allowed to point out clear and prioritized fields of action for the optimization of customer experiences.

A few months later, a WOCAS®-based Customer Analysis was performed, to foster eprimo’s strategic orientation towards customers. Employees from different divisions having direct impact on the customer experience, met with WOCAS experts to put themselves the customer’s perspective together. By the visualization of all processes in the customers’ life-cycle, a large and eprimo-specific “Customer Process Map” was created.

The fields of action, that resulted from the Contact Analysis, could be assigned to the different phases and interactions in the customers’ life-cycle. For the first time, eprimo obtained a holistic view of their customers’ End-to-End-Experience as well as Pain-Points and opportunities.

The Customer Journey Mapping served as an ideal basis for eprimo to develop even more customer focus and an attractive offer for digital customer management. WOCAS provided start-up support with the operative setup by transferring knowledge and methodologies.

The example of eprimo demonstrates, how much can be achieved by consistent customer focus and using WOCAS® as a holistic solution. Not least the numerous awards eprimo won for good service and customer satisfaction in the recent past show, that the company is on the right track.

The Gothaer is one of the big insurance groups in Germany offering their various products to both private and business customers. Particular attention is payed to do business in favour of customers and handling all insurance matters as valuable and facile as possible.

Gothaer’s Customer Service already has a profound understanding of the structure and reasons of all written customer contacts. But the same overview was missing for the contacts by phone. Therefore, the WOCAS-Project was mainly driven by the desire to get transparency to the issues brought up via Gothaer’s Customer Hotline.

The project aim was to work and collaborate with WOCAS…

  • to analyze the customer’s inquiries from the Hotline and determine their root causes
  • to identify opportunities to eliminate those root causes which are unnecessary for both, the customer and the Gothaer itself and
  • to point out precise approaches to transfer contacts from phone to self-service.

During seven weeks of intense Contact Analysis in two classes of insurance over 10.000 contacts were captured in WOCAS and evaluated. This sample size together with in-depth deduction allowed for a unique combination of quantitative and qualitative Customer Insight Analysis.

This resulted in a very deep understanding of possibilities and limits of stimulating customers to use self-services. Furthermore, assigning the contact reasons to the different phases in the life of an insurance-customer, detailed need for actions of crucial interactions between Gothaer and their customers could be derived.

At the end, all findings and opportunities for optimization from the Contact Analysis were handed over into the Gothaer organization for implementation. Altogether the project contributed a great deal to the successful transformation of the Gothaer to a more customer-centric organization and for the development of cross- and upselling opportunities.

Vodafone is one of the leading integrated telecommunication companies and internationally counts on WOCAS in different markets. In Germany, WOCAS has been in use since 2013 to analyze customer contacts.

How Vodafone works with WOCAS: About 60 agents capture their observations from every customer contact and thereby collect valuable information for the company. Together with the WOCAS analysts, these gathered insights are constantly being analyzed and potentials for optimization derived. So far, this collaboration resulted in over 500 identified action fields, and numerous measures to improve customer service were taken. Avoidable customer problems and unnecessary contacts are reduced and the process quality increases. This significantly lowers costs and also increases satisfaction among Vodafone’s customers.

R+V Versicherung AG is with more than 8 million customers one of the biggest insurance companies in Germany. The company considers itself a service insurer and since 2016 follows the strategy “Grow with change”. On the top of the company’s to do list you can find the topics digitization and customer enthusiasm.

R+V‘s customer service, the R+V Service Center, already lives up to this motto. It is here where the WOCAS team have conducted three contact assessments. As customer needs vary with different insurance classes, the projects took place in different departments. This allowed to identify and compare specific potentials for optimizing processes.

The outcome of the latest project run in autumn 2017 showed massive potentials for digitization, fitting perfectly into R+V’s new strategy: Existing project teams can pick up the insights gained in the project to rework R+V’s online services.

Each contact assessment allowed the organization to experience the customers’ perspective thanks to respectively 8,000-13,000 documented contacts and up to 200 reported recurring customer issues. But R+V did not only listen to its customers, in addition, the frontline were given a voice – besides content-related issues, also flaws in operative processes were examined.

The insights support R+V in their strategy to develop customer-focused products, simplify processes and engage customers with high class services.


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